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Southwestern Child Development Commission Inc

Academic Honor Code

All learners enrolled in a course at SWCDC are held to the SWCDC Academic Honor Code, which is intended to help every member of the SWCDC learning community appreciate the high value placed on academic integrity. Learners are expected to do their own work while relying on appropriate resources for assistance.


SWCDC requires that each learner progress through the course material in a course of any format on their own accord. Assistance may be provided as needed from the course instructor or other SWCDC staff trainers. SWCDC will not issue certificates unless the learner has completed all coursework and acknowledged agreement verifying that all coursework was completed solely by that learner.


SWCDC reserves the right to investigate and require further documentation from any learner to

determine whether course completion, quiz or assessment answers are the student’s own work. In the event that SWCDC determines that coursework is not the learner’s own work, no certificate will be issued and other action may be taken, if deemed appropriate.

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