Excited Children in Science Class

NC   Child  Care Resource &Referral  School Age Initiative Resource Guides

Ready for School

The NC CCR&R School Age Initiative oversees the development of in-depth resource guides for school age professionals. These guides seek to help school age programs maximize quality in relation to DCDEE regulations and School Age Care Environmental Rating Scale (SACERS-U) indicators. 

Each guide is available for download. For more information on resource guides and their content, please contact Jonathan Williams, NC Statewide School Age Program Coordinator at williams.jon@swcdcinc.org. 

NC School Age Initiative Trauma and Resilience Resource Series Part Three

NC School Age Trauma and Resilience Resource Series

SACERS-U Materials Resource Guide

School Age Guide to Space and Furnishings

Five Keys to Create a Successful Summer Camp 

NC CCR&R School Age Guide to Positive Interactions