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The North Carolina CCR&R School Age Initiative is the leader of school age professional development in the state. The program coordinates DCDEE approved CEU, CHC, and Train-The-Trainer courses throughout the state.

Our goal is to equip school age educators and CCR&R statewide TA and PD staff with the developmentally appropriate tools needed to see students flourish and succeed inside and outside of the classroom. The SWCDC Council training platform allows school age professionals to access online training at convenient times with the personal support of a live, in-person trainer.

The North Carolina CCR&R School Age Initiative also teams up with Lead CCR&R Agencies to provide in-person training events through out the state.  Contact Jon Williams, Statewide School Age Project Manager, with any questions about local in-person trainings in your area. 

Click below to see the current online training options available. To register for an online course, click on the Training Registration button located on the header of this page. 

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