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Child Care Subsidized

Do I Qualify for Child Care Subsidy?

What is the Subsidized Child Care Program?

The Subsidized Child Care Program is a locally administered program that uses State, Federal, and Smart Start funds to assist families with the cost of child care. Families receiving financial assistance are free to choose the child care arrangement that best meets their needs. 

How to Apply for Subsidy?

  • The agency will inform you whether you need to schedule an appointment or simply stop by to apply for services.

  • The agency can inform you of the documentation that you need to bring to determine eligibility

  • Eligibility determination is valid for 12 months for child care services, provided the family remains eligible.

  • The parent must report to a child care social worker in the agency any change in their circumstances that may affect eligibility within 5 working days of the change

  • Examples of changes in family situation or employment that must be reported include:

    • Marriage, separation or divorce

    • Change in family size

    • Change of job or work shift or in the number of hours or days employed

    • Increase or decrease in income from employment, child support or any other source

    • Loss of employment, including leave of absence or temporary layoff

    • Change in school enrollment or attendance

    • Child receiving services moves out of the home or

    • Change of address 

Contact Information for Subsidy

To sign up for Subsidy Services please call our main office at 828-586-5561 and they will direct to the correct social worker or click on the link below to find the Social Worker in the County that you Live. This will provide you with name, phone #, and email address.
Social Worker Contact Information 


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