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The Nurse Family Partnership program is a national program for first time mothers that are below 28 weeks in their pregnancy regardless of age.

Clients will be assigned an RN to visit with them, provide education and support

until their child is 24 months old.

This is a free, voluntary program and anyone can refer someone to the program.

The program serves Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties.

Contact Vicki Lewis at 828-477-4178 for more information.  

60 Woody Hampton Road

Sylva, NC 28788

Fax #: (828) 631-0276

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Phone #:  (828) 477-4178

Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Supervisor

Vicki Lewis

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Phone #: (828) 354-0104

Nurse Home Visitor

Sarah Rish

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Phone #:  (828) 477-4539

Administrative Assistant

Frankie Harris

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Phone #: (828) 354-0286

Nurse Home Visitor

Sherry Trout